Flight Test

Flight Test


Marshall Aerospace is approved to conduct all categories of Military and Civil Flight Test: Experimental, Developmental, Safety Critical, Production, Operational and Trials Support. This includes initial flights of new types, flight envelope expansion, STCs and certification of major and minor modifications.

Qualification and Experience

We can provide CAA/EASA/MAA Cat 1 Test Pilots and Lead Flight Test Engineers with extensive experience of Military and Civil Fixed Wing aircraft operations and testing. Our team has front line experience of Fast Jet, Tactical and Strategic Air Transport , Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) and Maritime operations. We are members of accredited professional bodies including the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and the Society of Flight Test Engineers.

Trials Planning and Management

We can prepare or assist with the preparation of the Flight Test Plan (top-level programme overview, certification or specification compliance, logistics and operations), Test Procedures (defining the full range of tests in detail), Special Operating Instructions, Flight Test Readiness Reviews, Flight Trials Clearance and Trials Management (including deployed operations).

Safety Management and Trial Risk Assessment

We can prepare, or assist with the preparation of Flight Test Safety documentation addressing Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction control options and assist with the implementation of Risk Controls and Trial Supervision, including Management of Flight Test Risk. Our Flight Test team has Bowtie training and extensive Human Factors competencies and experience including all aspects of Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Crew Resource Management (CRM).

Independent Test and Evaluation Services

We can provide Independent Test and Evaluation services covering all aspects of flight test programme from independent assurance to troubleshooting and checks against regulatory and specification compliance.

Flight Test Preparation and Conduct

We can assist with test article configuration, prepare Flight Test Cards and all required flight documents. Our team able to conduct Flight Test Execution and execute Flight Trials as Lead or as part of a Combined Test Team.

Post Flight Activity and Reporting

We can provide post-flight debriefs and formal post-flight reports detailing test evidence, qualitative and quantitative assessments, recommendations, conclusions and suggestions for further work.