Engineering and Technical Services

Engineering and Technical Services

Engineering Support

When you work with us, you have access to our decades of experience of non-standard structural repairs on the C-130 aircraft, having completed over 10,000 repairs of this type to date. This vast experience enables us support you with by designing and substantiating non-standard repairs, without the need for reach back to the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, on the C-130B through H aircraft.

All our repairs are designed to maintain the airworthiness and structural integrity of the aircraft, with a particular focus on reducing fatigue.

Our dedicated Repairs Group supports aircraft during maintenance at our facilities and at forward locations when required.

The Repairs Group has extensive knowledge of the Lockheed Martin drawings and document set supplied for the C-130 aircraft. This knowledge allows the dedicated Repairs Liaison Engineer to resolve any on-aircraft issues as quickly as possible. The Repairs Liaison Engineer works with production to determine whether defects are within the limitations of the aircraft’s Structural Repair Manual, which would allow for a standard repair to be used.

We are more than just a Maintenance Repair Organisation. We are a UK CAA Part 21J Design Organisation with a well-established design, test and manufacturing capability.

Technical Support

Our established engineering capability is complemented by our dedicated Technical Support Group. This Group consists of highly experienced engineers who can ensure the continued airworthiness and enhance the capability of aircraft fleets.

Our Technical Support Group are world leaders in providing engineering advice, structural repairs, integrated logistics support, reliability-centred maintenance analysis, obsolescence management, structural and systems integrity, fatigue monitoring, fault analysis and amendments to technical publications.