Structural Modernisation

Structural Modernisation

Having replaced almost every major structural component on the C-130 without Original Equipment Manufacturer (Lockheed Martin) involvement we have been able to develop bespoke jacking and trestling instructions and equipment to allow significant structural items to be refurbished and replaced. For this reason, we occupy a leading position in the non-standard repair and replacement market.

Keeping aircraft airworthy and structurally sound can often extend beyond routine maintenance and sometimes calls for repair or complete refurbishment of major components. We offer the full spectrum of engineering capability to extend aircraft life and ensure crew safety.

The structural life of an aircraft is predominantly limited by the combination of the hours flown and the severity of the operational loads applied to the aircraft structure during service. With the Centre Wing Box attracting the highest level of operational loads, the Centre Wing Box is a fatigue-life item that will require replacement to ensure the continued airworthiness of the aircraft.

We have a state-of-the-art bespoke facility at our Cambridge headquarters with the infrastructure and tooling to carry out this complex structural upgrade programme. This important modification is integral to supporting the through-life structural sustainment of the C-130 aircraft, significantly extending aircraft life.

Other key modifications that enhance operational capabilities of C-130 aircraft, include; Lightweight Cockpit Armour, Underbelly Protection and Explosion Suppressant Foam.

We have partnered with QinetiQ to certify and deliver LAST Armor LWA, the lightest version of LAST Armor currently on the market. This exclusive agreement with QinetiQ enables us to market, sell and install the latest generation of lightweight armour on the C-130 Hercules platform.

We are the only Maintenance Repair Organisation that has replaced the Centre Wing Box with a new, zero life Centre Wing Box on both the C-130K and C-130J aircraft.

Major structural repairs, replacements, refurbishment programmes include:

  • Flight deck window doubler repairs and replacements
  • Engine truss mount repair and replacement (including force-mate bushing installation)
  • Inner and outer wing attachment (rainbow) fitting replacements
  • MLG beams, fuselage beam caps and belly skin replacements
  • Sloping longeron (FS737-FS1041), upper BL61 and BL20 longeron repairs and replacements
  • Centre wing drag angles, chine angle and chine cap repair and replacement