Adaptable Role-fit Capability

Surveillance Radar

Surveillance Radar
Marshall ARC Radar - Adaptable Role-fit Capability

The Marshall ARC Radar is a modular sensor suite that allows operators of tactical transport aircraft to rapidly and temporarily outfit their fleet for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

Marshall ARC Radar is a role-fit palletised solution with no permanent integration and no modifications required, utilising only existing aircraft power outlets. The system comprises a two panel Leonardo Osprey 30 multi-domain active electronically scanned array (AESA) surveillance radar, two modified paratroop doors containing a Marshall-designed and manufactured ultra-low-profile conformal radome, a rear pallet containing two articulated radar mounts and line-replaceable unit (LRU) rack, and a forward pallet containing a mission management console.


  • Provides multi-role, multi-mission capability, without the need for a dedicated asset
  • Ability to do more with an existing platform
  • Modular and scalable allowing for future capability growth
  • Minimal aircraft downtime to reconfigure for different mission types
  • No loss of ISR capability during aircraft maintenance - swap equipment to a different aircraft
  • Significant cost savings with comparable performance to a dedicated ISR aircraft
  • Allows future growth of ISR capability at minimal cost
  • Simplified future upgrade path as technology evolves


The Role Fit Surveillance Radar product encompasses the real-time decision making power of cutting edge data acquisition and processing with the flexibility of reconfigurable mission profile for your C-130. Provides the backbone to a modular and scalable family of role fit capabilities.

Core System

  • Mission Management System (MMS)
  • AESA Multi-mode Leonardo Osprey 30 Radar
  • Compatible with a range of permanent and role fit satcom solutions
  • 463L master pallet system compatible with existing cargo handling systems
  • 2 Panel radar solution with unrestrictive field of view
  • Proven market leading equipment packaged in a unique and innovative solution
  • Discrete conformal radome
  • No permanent modification to the aircraft required and no reduction of aircraft performance
  • Expandable modular sensor functions that can be upgraded at any time to integrate into the core system by design