Aerostructures Aerostructures

Design, Manufacture, Test, Certification, Integrate and Support

We deliver tailored aerostructures applications to meet our customers’ specific requirement, however bespoke, complex or challenging.

We support both civil and military aerospace, from design, manufacture, test, certification, integration and support, we do it all, end-to-end solutions.

There are few companies in our industry that have our breadth of capabilities. We are home to a highly qualified, skilled and adaptable engineering team of structural, composites, electrical, interior, integration, systems, stress, weight, aerodynamics and avionic designers.

One of our stand-out capabilities that has proven invaluable to customers is our track record in complex systems integrations. This includes the ability to specify, develop, enhance and certify systems installations, including LRU specification, qualification and integration.

Coupled with our range of specialist capabilities, we can also model, simulate, ground and flight test, as well as design support solutions, to offer a turnkey solution for all your requirements.

It’s not just the breadth of our expertise that makes us stand out but also our experience working with the spectrum of materials. As well as a range of metals, we also manufacture in a broad range of composites, including phenolic resins, epoxy, vinylester, cyanate ester and polyester.

Fuel Tanks/Systems

Embedding Continuous Improvement and use of modern materials and processes in our latest generation of fuel tanks to provide highly compliant, competitive, high quality products. Over 800 tanks produced for the P8 Poseidon platform, demonstrating effective design, manufacture, qualification and quality processes. Process Safe by design Since 1982, Marshall Auxiliary Fuel Tanks have been retro-fitted to 10 aircraft types manufactured by five major OEMs. These aircraft have flown almost one billion air miles on commercial and military operations Quality, cost and schedule adherence Currently …

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Aerial Refuelling Probes

Air-to-air refuelling, or in-flight refuelling (IFR), increases the possible range of an aircraft, allowing the operator greater mission flexibility while also offering a potential time and cost saving. Fixed-mast solutions are simple and reliable additions to the aircraft that are straightforward and inexpensive to maintain. We have extensive experience of providing IFR receiver probes for a variety of aircraft types, ranging from large military tankers and transport platforms to business jets. Our IFR probes have been installed on: Lockheed L1011 Tristar Embraer 145 Airborne Early Warning …

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