Delivering performance

Delivering performance

Marshall is incredibly proud to play a leading role in the partnership that has saved the UK MoD over £390m and continued to ensure that the iconic Hercules fleet is operational and available for deployment when its needed.

When it really counts

The robustness of aircraft availability is crucial to achieving missions. Operators are experiencing reliability and maintainability issues exacerbated by the obsolescence of some legacy avionic and systems equipment. Together with reducing budgets and increasing operational responsibilities, it has become challenging to achieve optimal fleet availability.

Making life easy

To increase capability, availability and affordability, we combined numerous individual short-term support contracts into a single, performance-based logistics solution that covers the maintenance, technical support and inventory management of the whole aircraft fleet.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, based at our Cambridge HQ as well as at RAF Brize Norton, ensuring we have the right people in the right places to complete planned and unplanned maintenance to keep the fleet in the air.

Indicators can include measures of quality, mission success, continuous improvement, availability and serviceability amongst many others. By appointing a prime contractor and jointly developing new ways of working together, risk and cost have been reduced. This has led to improved efficiency and aircraft availability.

In essence, we provide our customer with a seamless service that enables them to focus on the things that really matter knowing they can rely on us.

Proven partnership

Our solution to maximise aircraft availability saved the UK MoD over £170 million in the first instance, as noted by the National Audit Office in 2008 in its review entitled “Hercules C-130 Tactical Fixed Wing Airlift Capability”. The RAF currently has 19 Hercules C-130 air transporters, a fleet which is maintained under the Hercules Integrated Operational Support (HIOS) programme which is a highly effective, risk-reducing and incentivised partnership between us, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), Lockheed Martin and Rolls-Royce.

Our C-130 engineering and project management skills were demonstrated in 2013, when the company quickly returned to service five aircraft based at Kandahar, Afghanistan, when they suffered severe hailstone damage. In recognition of the rapid response, the RAF awarded Marshall a Chief of the Air Staff’s Commendation. In 2015, the team’s success was recognised in the award of a Minister (Defence Procurement) Acquisition Award, in which the saving of a further £220M up to March 2022 was reflected.