Aerospace Operations Support Team

Aerospace Operations Support Team

There are many extraordinary teams across Marshall that do great things that are essential to continued success. This article focuses on the amazing Aerospace Operations Support Team that covers such a broad range of highly specialised tasks.

Laura Stapleton, Aerospace Operations Support Team Manager tells us more about her team.

What are your team’s key responsibilities?

  • Painting aircraft - We paint elements of the aircraft from stripping and repainting complete undercarriage bays down to small touch-ups
  • Trim - Ranges from stripping and reapplying aircraft belly protection tape to machining internal aircraft protection blankets
  • Wood detail - We have a team of carpenters that make often bespoke equipment and tooling for the aircraft
  • Cleaning - We provide aircraft technical cleaning in key areas, such as engines
  • Ground Equipment - We supply aircraft inputs with a broad range of equipment which includes aircraft tugs and mobile power units

How many people are in the team & where are they based?

We are a mobile team of 35 people operating across the Cambridge aerospace operation.

Who are your key customers?

The aircraft teams are our key customers - we are scheduled in for key tasks in the plan but often we have to react at short notice to support.

What does a typical day look like for the team?

We don’t have a typical day - there are things we must do routinely like health & safety and compliance checks, but other things crop up in this busy operation and the team delivers every time!

What are you most proud about?

My great team and the way they support the operation at short notice to meet urgent operational requirements.

What is the key improvement focus for the team?

As a team we are so proud of what we do. Like any high performing team, we can’t stand still. We need to review how we work to continually improve our offer.